Five years after the passing of her husband, Carolyn Ridings could not imagine a greater sorrow. But when her only son Jacob mysteriously vanishes following an apartment fire, she finds herself in tatters. Unwilling to accept the official narrative that faulty wiring caused the apartment to go up in flames, Carolyn seeks answers that she believes have been showing up at her doorstep in unmarked packages. Nothing seems to make sense, or she is losing her mind as her own sister would have her believe. Enter Thomas Eddows, the old man who lives in the scary house on the hill. Carolyn has never seen the old legend in person until the very day Jacob disappears…and each day after that, until she is certain he is trying to send her a message.With or without the help of her sister and a wide array of obstructive characters around town, Carolyn will embark upon the challenge of her lifetime to find Jacob and unravel the mysteries surrounding Thomas Eddows and his obscure history with her family.

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